Beware of plagiarism!

It is not just prominent politicians who fall into the plagiarism trap. Even the “average student” plagiarizes neglecting the rules of correct citation, whether against better knowledge or unconsciously. The art of citation, to avoid the accusation of accepting foreign thoughts without labeling, does not dominate all students In another words, ask about how to make the urgent essay writing service . In addition, the Internet provides vast amounts of easily accessible information, increasing the likelihood of being caught by plagiarism traps of various kinds through an unreflecting “copy-and-paste”.

If such a sloppy way of working flies up, the work in question is usually rated zero points, and often a second attempt is possible. At the University of Dusseldorf (where the former Minister of Education Annette Schavan was deprived of the title) students have to pay between 200 and 250 euros, with multiple offenses up to 500 euros. Added to this is the pain of having to write the corresponding work (with a new topic) again, then under the eyes of the examiner.

Much worse it is true, however, doctoral theses. While subsequently discovered plagiarism in theses usually after a few years, in the days of VroniPlag doctoral theses are often meticulously examined for decades to prove any plagiarism violations. Here it can come up to a title withdrawal.

The use of professional ghostwriters virtually eliminates the risk of plagiarism, provided that they understand their craft, i. work scientifically correct. Proof of this is practically impossible on the part of the universities. However, by far not all providers can be expected to work professionally, which is why a precise examination of the provider in advance is essential for a decision. To this end, we have compiled decision-making tools that contain the key criteria for sustainable, sustainable and systematic decision-making.