It does not have to be hard to get started – mastering the topic and structure skillfully

For some students, the final thesis is the first major work – and therefore may be a difficult hurdle. In particular, the precise definition of the problem, the content structuring of the work and the preparation of the structure to be derived from it create problems.

How do I find a good topic for the bachelor thesis or master thesis?

A precisely formulated question is indispensable for a good job. First of all, it is important to formulate a problem in the subject area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest that can be meaningfully processed in the usually specified scope of pages. In the next step, the question must be formulated as a well-thought-out title. This requires careful attention to content and conceptual precision, so that no unpleasant surprises occur due to inaccurate formulations or fuzzy terms. A simple example would be the careless use of the term “Europe” instead of the actually intended “European Union”. Such a formulation would require quite different work and ultimately force the auditor to demand the substantive consequences. A precisely formulated title prevents such unwanted effects and at the same time prevents the writer from undertaking too much thematically.

The structure created on the basis of the title should be self-explanatory and make the intended course of the investigation readily visible. The individual outline points must be easy to understand; flowery phrases, metaphors or allusions have no place here.

Which and how many sub-items are ultimately included in the larger sections Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion, depends on the topic and the planned reasoning. In order for the structure to clearly reflect this, it is helpful, for example, first to formulate the expected content of the thesis and then to divide the planned content step by step into individual chapters and subchapters. In this way, mental holes and redundancies can be recognized quickly and the structure can be adapted accordingly. Through such a structured approach, the supposedly overpowering problem of structuring usually quickly loses its horror. The structure developed in this way should be understood as a rough draft, which is constantly reviewed and, if necessary, changed and refined with increasing knowledge of the literature.

Once the supposed hurdle to “finding a topic” has been taken, most people are afraid of a possible failure.

Anyone who does not feel confident enough despite everything – we help you to find the right topic for your term paper or bachelor thesis!